Stand Out in Your Market

Benefits for Your Credit Union and Your Members

Show your strength by offering protection no banks and few credit unions can offer – excess share insurance from Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI). Your current members will notice, and so will new ones.

ESI is licensed to provide excess share insurance to state and federally chartered credit unions in 35 states plus the District of Columbia.

Strength in Numbers

Added convenience. Greater coverage. For your success and the needs of your members.

Gain an Edge

Add excess share insurance to compliment your credit union’s existing member service programs. ESI will help you understand the variety of ways an excess insurance program can be customized to fit your needs, and will work with you to choose the best program – or programs – for your credit union.

Grow Strategic Accounts

Utilize custom excess coverage options to provide enhanced benefits to your members. Credit unions with excess share insurance often see their members use more of the credit union’s products and services.

Provide Peace of Mind

Adding additional coverage to all members or select accounts can be the added value your members seek. Credit unions offering excess coverage often secure larger, longer-termed deposits from individuals, business, and other organizations.

Maximum Coverage

Your members deserve the best, so give them something they can’t get anywhere else – more protection – with no additional paperwork or direct cost to them. Give them the peace of mind to keep more of their savings with your credit union.

Flexible Coverage Options

ESI offers two excess share insurance options based on the unique needs of your credit union and your members: Double Cover, and Custom Cover. Choose one or multiple policies to accomplish your specific objectives.

Not sure where to begin? We can help you understand the many different ways an excess share insurance program can be structured, and together determine the policy type – or types – right for your credit union.

  • Double Cover can protect every member of your credit union by providing up to $250,000 of coverage over your primary coverage limits.

    Double Cover was one of ESI’s first product offerings and remains its most popular program, used by hundreds of credit unions across the country. 

  • Custom Cover allows your credit union to insure balances up to $5,000,000 above the limits of your primary share insurer, accommodating specific members, larger businesses, and institutional accounts. Other limitations and restrictions may apply.

    Custom Cover is not available in the state of Washington.

Excess Share Availability

Available From ESI
Available From ASI
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