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We Reinvented Our Excess Insurance…
With Your Members in Mind

Qualifying credit unions can now customize the protection provided to members with deposit account balances in excess of $250,000.*

Double Cover: Add $250,000 of additional coverage to primary coverage limits on all classes of accounts

The basic coverage available to members of a federally insured credit union is as noted below:

Custom Cover: Add up to $250,000 of additional coverage to primary coverage limits on specific classes of accounts; such as: IRAs, MMAs, Joint Accounts, CDs, PODs, etc.

Select Cover: Add from $100,000 to $5,000,000 of additional coverage to primary coverage limits on select classes of large balance accounts; such as, Business Accounts, MMAs, Trust, Public Funds, etc.

ASI Primary Insurance with ESI Double Cover Excess Share Insurance

For credit unions with ASI's primary share insurance, which provides coverage of $250,000 per account, ESI's Double Cover excess share insurance adds an additional $250,000 in coverage. This makes each account of a credit union member insured up to $500,000.

ASI's vs. ESI's Excess Share Insurance

There is no difference in cost or coverage between the excess share programs offered by ESI and its parent company, American Share Insurance (ASI). The program available to you depends on the state in which your credit union is based. See our coverage map.


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* Select Cover not available in Texas, Washington or Florida, and credit union maximum limits of liability apply in all states of operation.

Please Note: Not every federally insured credit union purchases ESI’s broad coverage. Your credit union may very well have chosen to offer Excess Share Insurance on certain types of accounts, such as IRAs, or money market accounts. Furthermore, any credit union can choose to provide less than the maximum $250,000 of protection per federally insured account, so please check with ESI or your credit union to determine the exact type of policy they currently have with ESI and the actual limits of coverage in effect.

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Why Offer Excess Share Insurance

  • Accommodate larger deposits
  • Generate liquidity
  • Help grow your share base
  • Credit union exclusive product
  • Give your members extra peace of mind