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The nation's largest provider of excess share insurance to credit unions since 1993. 
Our excess share (deposit) insurance helps protect the hard-earned savings of credit union members throughout the United States. 

This unique program provides up to an additional $250,000 of insurance once a credit union member's balance exceeds the coverage provided by their primary share insurer.   


ESI is safe and sound as are your credit union savings.
Members of credit unions insured with excess share insurance can take great comfort in knowing that their savings are safe, sound and protected by a well-capitalized insurance fund.
The current economic environment has left many credit union members asking questions about the safety of their savings.  In response, ESI has developed  a summary of highlights explaining our program and how it protects your credit union deposits.

Click here for more details on excess share insurance - Your Insured Funds.



For Credit Union Members
Credit unions that offer excess share insurance allow you to maintain much higher balances at the credit union and still have the security you deserve. Learn how excess share insurance helps insure your savings.

For Credit Union's Considering
Excess Share Insurance
Stand out in the crowded financial services market.  ESI's excess share insurance is cost effective, easy to implement, and available exclusively to credit unions. Learn what makes ESI the industry leader.

What's New

ESI Adds to Audit/Examination Staff 
Kurt Loose, Vice President of ASI/ESI's Examination & Insurance Department, has announced the hiring of a new employee to his audit staff. Tyler Arnott has joined ASI/ESI as a Staff Auditor, effective October 6, 2014. Tyler is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (specialization in Finance) in May 2013, and a Master of Business Administration degree in August 2014.

Kingdom House Honors ESI-Insured St. Louis Community CU
A St. Louis social services agency, Kingdom House, has honored ESI-policyholding, St. Louis Community Credit Union (MO), with its "Agency Impact Award," for providing financial services that create pathways to economic independence. Both St. Louis Community Credit Union and Kingdom House were awarded a $150,000 grant from the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions to implement a three-year pilot program that integrates financial services and education with social services to the agency's members. The award was presented on September 18.

ESI Fact Sheet Revised and Available Online    
"Keeping Your Funds Safe and Secure for Generations," an ESI fact sheet, is now posted on the ESI website. This updated document highlights pertinent information about the corporation and its additional deposit insurance program available to credit unions. It replaces the previous, "Your Financial Security" fact sheet, and this new version can be downloaded by clicking here or by logging onto the Policyholder section of this website.


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